TEDDY BROWN the world's greatest xylophonist

recordings with other British bands, on the Broadcast label.

Oct 18, 1929. Harry Bidgood's Band
Do SomethingBroadcast 2521
Sing A Little Love SongBroadcast 2522

Nov 18, 1929. Percival Mackey's Band
Rio RitaBroadcast 2525
I'm In Love With YouBroadcast 2525

Jan 2, 1930. Harry Bidgood's Band
Lonesome Little DollBroadcast 2533
Fairy On The ClockBroadcast 2534

Feb 27, 1930. Harry Bidgood's Band
Happy Days Are Here AgainBroadcast 2545
Lady LuckBroadcast 2547

Mar 28, 1930. Harry Bidgood's Band
Dance Of The Wooden ShoesBroadcast 2551
Singin' In The BathtubBroadcast 2552

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