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TEDDY BROWN AND HIS CAFE DE PARIS BAND : Teddy Brown-x dir. Freddy Pitt-t/tb/Alec Lajoie-Maurice Harford as/ts, Teddy Sinclair-vn/George Fisher p/ Percy Martin-bj/William Vick-bb/ Eddie Schaff-d/ Eddy Reed-Lionel Rothery-Leslie Sarony-Harry Shalson-Guy Victor (Maurice Elwin)-v.

London, April 15, 1926
4370-2Headin' For Louisville - voc LRImp 1582
4371-1-2Then I'll Be Happy - voc LRRejected
4372-1-2Close Your Eyes - voc LRRejected
4373-1-2I Never Knew How Wonderful You Were - voc LRRejected

London, April 30, 1926
4371-3-5Then I'll Be Happy - vocLRImp 1583
4372-4Close Your Eyes - vocLRImp 1582
4373-4I Never Knew How Wonderful You Were-voc LRImp 1583
NOTE:- The last title above appears on the labels as I NEVER KNEW.

London, May 18, 1926
4379-3Hang On To Me - voc GVImp 1591
4380-1Susie Was A Real Wild Child - voc LSImp 1592
4381-1Two Little Cups And Saucers - voc GVImp 1592
43B2-2So Am IImp 1591

London, July 16, 1926
4420-1I Never See Maggie Alone - voc HSImp 1615
4421-2Moonlight On The Ganges - voc HSImp 1615
4422-1In My Gondola - voc HSImp 1614
4423-1Lonesome And Sorry - voc HSImp 1614

Max Goldberg-t replaces Pitt.
London, August 20, 1926
4455-lWhat Good Is "Good Morning" ? - voc LRImp 1627
4456-2So Is Your Old Lady - voc LRImp 1627
4457-1That Girl Over There - voc LRImp 1626
4458-1I'm Lonely Without You - voc LRImp 1626

TEDDY BROWN AND HIS CAFE DE PARIS BAND : Teddy Brown-x-v-sp dir. t/tb-unknown, Alec Lajole-Maurice Harford-as/ts, George Fisher-Percy Martin bj/William Vick-bb/ Eddie Schaff-Peter Bernard-Eddy Reed-Lionel Rothery-John Theme-Guy Victor-v.

London, September 17, 1926
4480-2I'd Climb The Highest Mountain - voc ERImp 1641
4481-2Chinese Moon - voc ERImp 1642
4482-2When It's June Down There - voc ERImp 1642
4483-2Only You And Lonely Me - voc ERImp 1641

London, October 18, 1926
4511-1Ukulele Dream Man - voc LRImp 1656
4512-1Because You Could Have Had Me Once - voc PBImp 1656
4513-1Two Little Bluebirds - voc LRImp 1655
4514-2Sweet And Low-DownImp 1655

London, November 5, 1926
4540-1Picardy - voc GVImp 1673

London, November 9, 1926
4541-2Hi-Diddle-Diddle - voc GVImp 1674
4542-2Rosie Posies (waltz) - voc GVImp 1673
4543-1While The Sahara SleepsImp 1674

London, c. December 21, 1926
M-0180-lWhen You SmileVoc X-9954
M-0181-lClimbing Up The Ladder Of LoveVoc X-9954
M-0l82-lSong Of ShanghaiVoc X-9955
M-0193-lBaby Face - spTBVoc X-9955

London, c. January 24, 1927

M-0240-lSafe In Your Arms - voc duoVoc X-9960
M-0241-lSwinging Along - voc ?Voc X-9961
M-0242-lLooking At The World Thru' Rose-Coloured Glasses - voc ?Voc X-9961
M-0243-lLet's All Go To Mary's House - voc TB&chVoc X-9960

W. Townsend-ts replaces the unknown.
London, c. February 21, 1927

M-0297-lLantern Of Love - voc JTVoc X-9974
M-0298-lWhy Do You Roll Those Eyes ? - voc JTVoc X-9974
M-0299-lCallingVoc X-9975
M-0300-1I Love The MoonlightVoc X-9975

London, c. April 4, 1927

M-0351-lSince I Found You - voc JTVoc X-9906
M-0352-lSing - voc JTVoc X-9906
M-0353-lYou're The One For Me - voc JTVoc X-9987
M-0354-lAin't She Sweet ? - vJTVoc X-9987

String section added*.
London, c. May 2, 1927

M-0380-lOriental Moonlight - voc JTVoc X-11003
M-0381-lSweet Thing - voc JTVoc X-11003
M-0382-l*The Desert Song (w)Voc X-10002
M-03B3-l*One AloneVoc X-10002

Z-72-lLantern Of LoveBroadcast 130
Z-73-lCallingBroadcast 130


TEDDY BROWN AND HIS CAFE DE PARIS BAND : Teddy Brown-x dir. t/tb/Alec Lajoie-Maurice Harford-as/ W. Townsend-ts/George Fisher-Percy Martin-bj/ William Vick-bb/ Eddie Schaff-d/ Chick Endor-v.

London, ~June 3, 1927

M-0415-2Dear Little Gadabout - voc CEVoc X-10009
M-04l6-2The Birth Of The Blues - voc CEVoc X-10008
M-0417-2It All Depends On You - voc CEVoc X-10008
M-0418-2Nesting Time - voc CEVoc X-10009

London, ~June 27, 1927

M-0434-2In A Little Spanish Town (w) - voc?Voc X-10014
M-0435-lMidsummer Madness - voc CEVoc X-10013
M-0436-2My Heart Stood Still - voc CEVoc X-10014
M-0437-2Under The Clover MoonVoc X-10013

TEDDY BROWN AND HIS BAND : Teddy Brown-x dir. similar instrumentation, but personnel unknown apart from Frank Compton-p.

London, ~October 28, 1927.

112581The Doll DanceEBE 0187
??????Desert EyesEBE 0187

London, ~February 22, 1928

11475-2Dear, On A Night Like ThisEBE 0224
11476-2Wide Open SpacesEBE 0224
11477-1I Fell Head Over Heels In LoveEBE 0239
11478-2RainEBE 0239

NOTES:- A single-sided pressing of Imperial matrix 4370-2 was issued to patrons of the Cafe de Paris in 1926. Very rare disc.
After Feb 1928 subsequent records by Teddy Brown, mostly for Broadcast and Imperial labels, are of xylophone solos with occasional alto saxophone interpolations, accompanied by Frank Compton-p, or orchestral or military band accompaniments. Also other band recordings with Harry Bidgood and Perciaval Mackey.

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