British Vintage Music Films

British Films featuring entertainers and popular song, 1929-1949

this page first published by John Wright, 18 Sept 1997
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This page continues the list of British films that feature entertainers and music, probably a dance band heard but not seen on the screen.

If you can fill in any of the gaps or if you know of websites or books, dealing with entertainers in old movies, that might have useful information, then please e-mail me.

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Entertainers-Major Films G - H
Gaiety George 1946 Richard Greene
Phyllis Robins
Ann Todd
Hazel Court
Leni Lynn
Jack Train
Claude Alister

The Gang Show Dec '36 Ralph Reader
Gina Marlo
Stuart Robertson

Gangway 1938 Jessie Matthews
Barry Mackay
Nat Pendleton
Alistair Sim

Gasbags 1940 Bud Flanagan
Chesney Allen
Jimmy Nervo
Teddy Knox
Charlie Naughton
Jimmy Gold
Moore Marriott
Wally Patch

Gay Love May '34 Florence Desmond
Sophie Tucker

Howard Jacobs and his Orch
Maurice Winnick and his Band

George and Margaret 1940 Marie Lohr
Judy Kelly
Oliver Wakefield
John Boxer
Gus McNaughton
Irene Handel

George In Civvy Street Feb '46 George Formby
Ronald Shiner
Rosalyn Boulter

Johnny Claes and his Claepigeons

Gert And Daisy Clean Up 1942 Elsie and Doris Waters
Joss Ambler
Uriel Porter

Gert And Daisyís Weekend 1941 Elsie and Doris Waters
John Slater
Wally Patch

Get Cracking 1943 George Formby
Dinah Sheridan
Ronald Shiner
Wally Patch
Edward Rigby
Harry Fowler

Get Off My Foot Jul '35 Max Miller
Chili Bouchier
Jane Carr
Norma Varden

The Ghost Of St Michaelís 1941 Will Hay
Claude Hulbert
Felix Aylmer
Charles Hawtrey

The Ghosts of Berkeley Square 1947 Robert Morley
Yvonne Arnaud
Claude Hulbert
Ernest Thesiger
Marie Lohr
Ronald Frankau
Wilfred Hyde White
Wally Patch
Ronald Shiner

The Ghost Train May '31 Jack Hulbert
Cicely Courtneidge

The Ghost Train 1941 Arthur Askey
Richard Murdoch
Kathleen Harrison
Betty Jardine
Ann Todd
Cyril Raymond
Angela Baddelly

a comedy with no songs
The Girl From Maximís Dec '32 Leslie Henson
Frances Day
Stanley Holloway
George Grossmith

The Girl In The Taxi Feb '37 Frances Day
Albert Whelan
Lawrence Grossmith
Henri Garat

A Girl In A Million 1946 Basil Radford
Naughton Wayne
Joan Greenwood
Wylie Watson
Gwen Clark (Jane Hylton)

Girls Please ! Mar '34 Sydney Howard
Jane Baxter

Give Me The Stars 1944 Jackie Hunter,
Leni Lynn,
Will Fyffe

Give Us The Moon 1944 Peter Graves
Margaret Lockwood
Vic Oliver
Max Bacon
Roland Culver
Irene Handel

Glamorous Night Feb '37 Mary Ellis
Barry Mackay
Trefor Jones

Harry Acres, MD

Glamour Jan' 31 Seymour Hicks
Margot Grahame
Ellaline Terriss
Beverley Nicholls

Going Gay Aug '33 Arthur Riscoe
Naughton Wayne

Good Companions 1933 Jessie Matthews
John Gielgud
Edmund Gwenn
Max Miller

Good Morning Boys Oct '36 Will Hay
Lili Palmer
Graham Moffat

Goodnight Vienna 1933 Jack Buchanan,
Anna Neagle

Lew Stone, MD

The Good Old Days Nov '38 Max Miller
Hal Walters

The Goose Steps Out 1942 Will Hay
Julien Mitchell
Anne Firth
Charles Hawtrey
Peter Ustinov

Greek Street May '30 William Freshman
Sari Maritza
Bert Coote
Max Riverís Trocadero Girls

Green For Danger 1946 Alistair Sim
Sally Gray
Judy Campbell
Rosamund John
Moore Marriott
Trevor Howard
Hattie Jacques

Happidrome 1943 Leslie Hutchinson
Harry Korris
Robbie Vincent
Cecil Frederick
Lisa Lee
Bunty Meadows
Bombardier Billy Wells
The Cairoli Brothers

Happy Oct '33 Stanley Lupino
Laddie Cliffe,
Will Fyffe
Harry Tate

Harry Acres, MD

Happy Ever After May '32 Jack Hulbert
Cicely Courtneidge
Sonnie Hale

Harmony Heaven 1930 Stuart Hall
Polly Ward
Jack Raine
Percy Standing

Harry Acres and John Reynders, MD

Hawleys Of High Street Jan '33 Leslie Fuller
Moore Marriot
Judy Kelly

Head Over Heels 1936 Jessie Matthews
Robert Fleming
Louis Borell

Heads We Go Mar '33 Constance Cummings
Frank Lawton
Binnie Barnes
Claude Hulbert
Fred Duprez
Gus McNaughton
Iris Ashley
Emilio Colomboís Tzigane Band

Hearts Of Humanity Nov '36 Wilfred Walter
Stanley Kirkby

Teddy Joyce and his Band

Heatwave May '35 Lecuona Cuban Boys,
Les Allen

He Found A Star 1941 Evelyn Dall
Vic Oliver
Sarah Churchill
Robert Sansom
Uriel Porter

Hello Sweetheart Feb '35 Carroll Gibbons (piano only)
Claude Hulbert
The Three Ginx
Johnnie Nit (tap dancer)
Helter Skelter 1949 David Tomlinson
Carol Marsh
Mervyn Johns
Richard Hearne
Henry Kendall
Jon Pertwee
Terry Thomas
Jimmy Edwards
Zena Marshall
Harry Secombe
Wilfred Hyde White
Glynis Johns
Dennis Price
Valentine Dyall

Here Comes The Sun 1945 Bud Flanagan
Chesney Allen
Joss Ambler
Horace Kenney
Elsa Tee
Gus MaNaughton
Iris Kirkwhite Dancers
Dudley and his Midgets

Here Come The Huggetts 1948 Jack Warner
Kathleen Harrison
Jane Hylton
Diana Dors
Petula Clark
Jimmy Handley

Her First Affaire Sep '32 Ida Lupino
Arnold Riches
George Curzon
Harry Tate
Melville Gideon

He Snoops To Conquer 1944 George Formby
Robertson Hare
Elizabeth Allan

Hey! Hey! USA May '38 Will Hay
Edgar Kennedy
Fred Duprez

Louis Levy, MD

Hi Gang 1941 Bebe Daniels
Ben Lyon
Sam Browne
Three Green Sisters
Vic Oliver

Jay Wilbur and his Band

Note: Thanks to Denis King for the information on this film.
Denis also reports that background music heard from a radio includes Down and Out Blues by Al Bowlly/Sid Colin and Lew Stone Orch., and also Moonglow by Benny Goodman Trio
Highland Fling Mar '36 Naughton and Gold
Eve Foster

High Society May '32 Florence Desmond
William Austen
Syd Crossley

The Hills Of Donegal 1947 Dinah Sheridan
John Bently
James Etherington
Moore Marriott

His Lordship 1932 Jerry Verno
Polly Ward

His Lordship Regrets May '38 Claude Hulbert
Gina Malo

His Wifeís Mother Jul '32 Jerry Verno
Molly Lamont

Holiday Camp 1947 Jack Warner
Kathleen Harrison
Flora Robson
Dennis Price
Esma Cannon
Jimmy Handley
Hazel Court
Jane Hylton
Alfie Bass
Diana Dors
Charlie Chester

Holidays With Pay 1948 Frank Randle
Sally Barnes
Sonny Burke
Dan Young
Bert Tracey
Tessie OíShea
Joseph Locke
Pat Heywood and her Troupe

Hold My Hand 1938 Stanley Lupino,
Sally Grey
Fred Emney
Syd Walker
orch. Harry Acres

Home From Home Nov '38 The Five Harmonica Rascals
The Gaillard Brothers
Sandy Powell
Home Sweet Home 1945 Frank Randle
Nicolette Roeg
Tony Pendrell
Cecil Fredericks
Stan Little,
Bunty Meadows
Lily Lapidus

Honeymoon Merry Go Round 1936 Claude Hulbert
Monte Banks
Princess Pearl

Hoots Mon Jun '39 Max Miller
Florence Desmond

Hot Heir 1931 Bobbie Comber

Hot News Nov '36 Lupino Lane
Phyllis Claire
The Dorchester Girls

Hue and Cry 1947 Alistair Sim
Jack Warner
Valerie White
Harry Fowler

The Huggetts Abroad 1949 Jack Warner
Kathleen Harrison
Hugh McDermot
Petula Clark
Jimmy Handley
Dinah Sheridan

Hyde Park Corner Sep '35 Eric Portman
Binnie Hale
Gordon Harker
Harry Tate

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